MIRELITE MIRSA Co., Ltd. has been specialized in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of deep frozen fruits, vegetables and pastry products in an outstanding quality, to the utmost satisfaction of its customers during the past few decades.

The Company was founded in 1981, while the cold storage plant began operating in 1984 in the city of Albertirsa conveniently located near to the capital city of Budapest /appr. 50 km far/, easily accessible from the intersection of road no. 4 and M5 highway. Starting from 1992 the Company worked as subsidiary of the Nuremberg-based Schöller Holding and then that of Nestlé Group. Since 2003 the Company has been running under 100% Hungarian ownership. It had further enlarged its processing capacities by purchasing cold stores in Domoszló (2004) and Miskolc (2006).

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  • Mirelite Mirsa Co., Ltd. was one of the participants to the world's largest food exhibitions

    SIAL 2014 Exhibition - The Global Food Marketplace

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  • Inauguration of the Meat Factory at Miskolc

    Meat Factory of the Company was inaugurated on September 19th, 2012 by Mayor of Miskolc City.

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  • „Hungarian Product Grand Prize” was awarded to the Company

    The product of wild sauce - lately developed by MIRELITE MIRSA Co., Ltd. – was awarded by the „Hungarian Product Grand Prize” in year 2012.

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